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Engineering Project Management & Consultancy 


 - Engineering Project Management & Consultancy for Aerospace, Turbo machinery, Automotive, Energy, Defence Industry Projects


 - Engineering Support & Consultancy for energy  efficiency calculations and improving of energy efficiency of automotive, defence, energy and aerospace engineering systems.


Engineering System Design, Software Development and Support 


 - Static and dynamic calculations, 3-D CAD studies, CFD  simulations, finite element modelling and analysis, selection and design of control systems for the stability of engineering systems  in accordance with the nature of these systems. Software  Development for Design of Control Systems. All design studies are being carried out by licensed software package programmes such as Matlab/Simulink, Ansys, Ansys Fluent, Solid works,  AutoCAD, Siemens NX, Siemens Nastran and Siemens NX-UG programmes in our engineering head office

Mechanical & Machine Design

 - Finite Element Analysis, Coupling and Bearing Design, Power Transmission and Drive System Design: Friction drives, belt drives, chain drives, gear drives (Spur, helical, bevel, worm).


 - Modelling and Computation; Nonlinear Dynamics; System  Identification; Parameter Estimation; Rotor Dynamics, Balancing



 - Modelling and Simulation; Intelligent Control ( AI & Machine Learning Techniques for applying engineering systems); Flight Controller Design; Vehicle Control Design ( Tire  Modelling, ABS, TCS controller design, Yaw Stability Controller Design with Observer, Rollover Avoidance Modelling and Control, Suspension Controller Design with Observer), Tuning