About Our Business


US Engineering & Consulting Company Ltd. was established by Mr. Selahattin Ucuzcu at 9th of July, 2018 in United Kingdom. We are giving Engineering System Modelling&Simulation and Design, Engineering Project Consultancy  services for Aerospace, Automotive, Defense&Space Industrial and R&D Projects by creating intelligent, innovative and new solutions by working with the small, middle and big scaled private, Government or Government supported organisations which have good business administration capabilities and have been seeking to add these values to their companies with high standard applications, advertisements and competences provided by US Engineering & Consulting Company Ltd.




Company Director Mr. Selahattin Ucuzcu was born and growth in Malatya city, Turkey where he completed his primary, secondary and high school education. After graduation from University of Gaziantep Mechanical Engineering Department ( separated from Middle East Technical University Gaziantep Engineering Faculty in 1987, gives %100 English mechanical engineering education) in 2005, He completed his graduate studies at Istanbul Technical University Mechanical Engineering Department ( System Dynamics and Control Division) in Istanbul, Turkey respectively. He has over 14 years of engineering experience in managing 13 different industrial projects worth over £50 million including Turkish Government and Government supported engineering and industrial projects. He worked for Ministry of Energy and Department for International Trade in Turkish Government between 2005-2008. After completing his compulsory military duty as officer in Turkish Armed & NATO Forces between 2008-2009, he continued his professional career  by working in private companies in Turkey between 2009-2017.  Now he has been operating his own business under US Engineering & Consulting Company Ltd. as company director in United Kingdom since 9th July, 2018