Engineering Project Design, Consultancy & Management 

Engineering Project Design, Consultancy & Management  for Aerospace, Automotive, Defense&Space Industrial and R&D Projects

Engineering System Modelling, Simulation and Design, Software Development and Support 

Dynamic System Modelling, Computation & Simulation. System Identification and Parameter Estimation.  Selection and design of control systems for the stability of engineering systems in accordance with the nature of these systems. Software Development for Design of Control Systems by using AI, Machine Learning and IoT techniques. 

Mechanical & Machine Design

Load and Stress Analysis, Finite Element Modelling and Analysis, Design of Shafts and Shaft Components, Screws, Fasteners, and the Design of Non-permanent Joints, Welding, Bonding and the Design of Permanent Joints, Coupling and Bearing Design, Design of Mechanical Springs,  Rolling−Contact Bearings, Lubrication and Journal Bearings. Power Transmission and Drive System Design: Friction drives, belt drives, chain drives, gear drives (Spur, helical, bevel, worm).  Static and dynamic calculations, 3-D CAD studies, CFD simulations.

Design of Control Systems & Software Development

Modelling and Simulation; Optimal Controller Design and Optimization;  Discrete-Time Control System Design, Intelligent Control System Design ( AI & Machine Learning ); Flight Controller Design; Vehicle Control Design ( Tire Modelling, ABS TCS controller design, Yaw Stability Controller Design with Observer, Rollover Avoidance Modelling and Control, Suspension Controller Design with Observer ), Multi Input Multi Output Controller Design, Model Predictive Control Design, Tuning, Feedback Control Design, PID Design, Self-Tuning Regulator Controller Design.